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The digital age seems to have taken the world by a storm since the middle of the 1990s, and this trend continues till today. However, there are some still wary of the digital advancements and prefer to stick to the analog camera options. There are many who feel that using digital cameras would make no difference to their photo output, but this is not the actual scenario. There are certain advantages of digital photography that has made the life of photographers fun and joyful, as well as easier than it was previously…

? The digital cameras, of no matter what range provide the facility to immediately review the output, without having to wait for a roll to be completed and then put through processing. And then if need be set up the entire shoot. The digital cameras provide the ability to retake pictures there and then.
? One can delete the unnecessary images immediately, so as to free more space in the camera. Whereas in the case of the analog cameras a picture once taken could not be deleted. It occupied permanent space on the film roll.
? One can instantly assess the lighting and composition of an image clicked onto the camera, and accordingly rectify the setting and re-click if needed. Even if nothing can be done about the lighting physically, the image editing software takes care of poor lighting or too much lighting. There is no such loss if such mistakes occur while shooting.
? One can shoot on the RAW format and then crop the image in case of any unwanted subject or object in the background. In fact, the varied features in the image editing software help tackle any errors that may happen while shooting. The result could be a much better picture than what was shot initially, which is not possible in the film roll pictures, unless they are scanned and then touched up.
? Digital photography calls for a faster workflow, as compared to the traditional photography format.
? The manipulation of the digital image is much easier and faster than that of the traditional film roll images that first required processing and then printing in a darkroom.

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