There are varied ways of transferring images and other data from one device to another. This is done through the varied storage devices that can be plugged into the device from where it needs to be transferred. This is either with connecting wire, or then a direct plug in component.

Amongst the various transferring devices is bluetooth. This is basically a radio standard and communication protocol. It has in actuality been invented for low power consumption, within a short range. The power-class-dependent is 1 meter, 10 meters and 100 meters. These devices are based on the low-cost transceiver microchips within a device.

With the help of the bluetooth the devices can communicate with each other, as long as they are within the prescribed range. Since these devices use the use the radio communications system, they need not be kept in the line of sight of each other. they can be kept in two separate rooms as long as the transmission between the two is powerful enough.

Given here is a list of common day applications of bluetooth:

• It enables the wireless communication between a cell phone and its hands-free headset or car kit.
• It enables wireless networking between computers within a confined space where negligible bandwidth is needed.
• This device is also being used in the wireless mouse, printer and keyboard, thereby providing more comfort for the end user.
• Wireless transfer of data between devices that have OBEX.
• Wireless transfer of contact details, appointments and other messages between devices that contain OBEX.

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