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An impressive range of digital cameras can be easily bought online at low prices with ease now. Nikon, Fuji, Canon, Ricoh, and Olympus – all such manufacturers sell their products through the Internet. Besides these, various camera accessories like tripods from Manfrotto, storage items of Vosonic, Valbon and silk, Jobo and memory cards from sandisk, bags from lowepro and crumpler and many more things, can be bought online.

It is also more economical to buy cameras online. In other words one can save money by buying digital cameras online. But it is desirable to weigh all personal options before investing on a digital camera through the net. For homework, one must first check the market reputation of the merchant and the legal authority of the camera dealer. To be more specific the dealer must be one with a good track record. He should also have market recognition for type and quality of services rendered.

There are many obvious advantages of buying digital cameras online. Online buying is a great thing because it can be done with the click of the mouse, from the comfort of ones home. Online market is open for anybody, at all times of the day and night. In other words, it is open for twenty-four hours. One will also notice while making the actual purchase that online prices tend to be lower than actual shop prices.

Online shopping facilitators have a directory of toll-free numbers for making trade inquiries and ordering the products. Moreover, various online shopping sites have highly developed software, which allow an individual to make a comparison of cameras in terms of type, category, price, resolution, features, quality etc. Online markets are also known to offer a wide selection of cameras and camera accessories. Above all online purchases are delivered on the doorstep of the individual. Some online merchants also wave off delivery charges. In some instances sales tax is also not charged on online purchases.

Some people find online shopping undesirable, in the sense – that it does not allow them to check the camera ergonomics before making the actual purchase. Some other disadvantages of online shopping can be delayed delivery of product, an unwitting purchase from the gray market and difficulty in ascertaining the viability of the merchant. There is also a greater risk of being cheated when one is dealing with less well known online vendors. Sometimes online buyers discover that their product is out of stock and require resorting to back ordering. One big set back of online purchase is also that it is very difficult to change, or return a product that proves defective.

Sometimes online purchasing comes with an additional burden of shipping and insurance charges. Some people have been saddled with defective accessories after making online purchases of electronic items. The most common between this is a counterfeited memory card. Last but not the least, many people have also found that the customer service of products bought through the net is often very poor.

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