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Canon has launched yet another powerful camera the Canon EOS 30D. Styled to perfection, the Canon 30D is the ultimate choice for professional photographers. The cameral lens is the 8.2 MP CMOS type lens. The camera is the equipped with the best image processing chip in the world, the DIGIC II, a Canon invention. The Canon 30D is assembled into a sturdy pure black body composed mainly of magnesium that renders everlasting look and durability.

The Canon 30D can capture pictures of phenomenal quality and in the automatic mode can render almost near perfect rendition of the actual image using advanced image processing features of DIGIC II. The Canon 30D has very low startup time and can start up almost instantaneously. The user selectable frame rate can be used to capture video at various frame rates. It can capture at 3fps to 30 fps for high detail applications. The auto focus in the camera ensures that the subject always remains under optimum focus. Canon 30D has a 2.5 inch LCD display unit which has an outstanding resolution of 0.23MP. Even the minutest details can be observed with such high display resolutions. Also the camera offers additional image support like RGB color statistics etc required for professional and high quality photography. The menu is easy to navigate and well laid out on the LCD display. Most of the features can be accessed within two to three presses. Also the LCD display has a very wide viewing angle as compared to conventional displays.

Equipped with USB 2.0 data port for high speed data transfer and compatible with various data cards like MMC, Flash etc of various memory options, the Canon 30D can even print directly using the Canon PictBridge Printer. The lens used on the camera is chosen from a wide variety of SLR cameral lenses for Canon cameras. Canon EF lenses are suitable for use with the 30D. The focal length can be multiplied by a factor of 1.6 to determine the exact focus capability of the camera. The lens determines the Focal power and picture quality. There are more than 150 lenses available that are suitable for a wide variety of photographic requirements. The camera supports various “Picture Styles” like landscape, portrait etc. The shutter speed can be adjusted to a maximum of 1/1800th of a second. The Auto Focus uses nine points to determine the exact focal length and light requirements.

The video recording can on famous available formats like JPEG. The camera supports raw and jpeg recording for enhancing video quality. The other supported format is .CR2 format, a Canon format. Other features on the camera are unique like spot metering. The automatic white balance, exposure compensation and shutter speed auto select aid the requirements for professional photography. The Canon 30D comes with a body embedded-popup flash that can cover the focal length of 17mm lens. For additional flash light requirements, Canon has the Speedlite. We can ensure that our images do not get accidentally erased by using the multi check feature that id supported by the Canon 30D.  The camera weighs about 699 grams and is a very reliable photography tool.

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