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Choices are always directly related with needs. An individual should ask himself why he needs a digital camera before buying it. The areas in which one needs to use the camera, and what, one wants out of it also have to be ascertained. It is desirable to do this exercise, even before doing any research, regarding prices and feature of different digital cameras.

It is now possible to buy digital cameras in India, both for professional and non-professional use. Basic cameras are economic and practical for regular use. The Best of digital cameras are available. However one’s technical prowess, as a photographer should be taken into account, in order to rate digital cameras for personal usability and for digital cameras best buys. An answer to this effect brings immense clarity to the type of camera one should purchase. It is advised to opt for a basic camera if one doesn’t know much about photography, and needs to spend a lot of time with his camera. A basic digital camera is ideal for family photographs and holiday clicking. Basic digital cameras are also user friendly. These allow an individual to capture video images and come with an integrated flash. Some basic cameras also have zooms and can be connected to ones television. Consumer reports on digital cameras and digital camera ratings should be studied before making the final choice.

If you try to compare digital cameras, any comparison would be incomplete without a thorough study of digital compacts. Compact cameras are designed to suit all tastes. Basic cameras have a limitation in terms of sophisticated technical functions, but come with all basic configurations like LSD screen and video capture, for a normal user. Canon Power Shot A530 and Olympus MJU digital 600, both costing between $110 to 200, are perfect for ordinary photography. If one is the traveling sort and wants to carry a camera everywhere, then one should opt for a compact camera. These come with an automatic mode, and enable the user to take pictures everywhere. Compact digital cameras, are more like the entry- level cameras. They come in amazingly small sizes, which can be easily fitted in a pocket. Some are the size of a credit card about 20 mm thick. The compact SLR (full form of SLR) cameras are more popular with slightly ambitious users. Compact cameras are available in a wide range of choices. They normally have a resolution of four or five mega pixels. Advanced functions like automatic focus, which are self-lit and adaptable to the viewfinder are available in compact digital cameras. Preset modes in these cameras also enable people to take photographs in varying circumstances, involving outdoor activities like night parties, sports events, snowing landscapes, beach parties etc. Compact cameras typically combine usability with quality and are amongst the top selling digital cameras.

Moreover, on comparison of best digital cameras one will notice that most of them have gone compact for easy usability, in recent times. Compact digital SLRs with multiple lenses, high quality optical zooms, auto focus and anti shake mechanisms are designed to cater to individual, who don’t wish to carry bulky cameras around. These have all the functions of good quality cameras without the related damages.

SLRs and Digital SLRs are meant for those who want to take photography to a professional level. Compact cameras are versatile in terms of technical functions. They are also able to control various parameters. Moreover, SLRs come with a huge variety of interchangeable optical functions, manual set ups, and high quality optical options. They are also easy to carry and are fitted with good quality optical zooms. But the electronic visor which comes with SLR is not available anywhere else. These contain the best features of SLRs and digital cameras. Digital SLRs are also compatible with flash, a range of lenses and other accessories. Their tools are designed for the use of professionals, who want to multitask with their cameras. The shutter speed in these can go up to 1/4000 per second, and sensitivity ranges from 600 to 3200 ISO. They also come with a huge choice in interchangeable lenses. The higher costs of these types of cameras, makes them ideal for real photography lovers who are willing to invest in them. It is important for an individual to have a good look at sensor resolutions, lenses, and screen size before buying a camera. The ultimate choice depends on budget, individual requirement and choice.

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