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There are many amateur photographers who work as apprentices with the leading photographers in order to learn how to take artistic photographs. The fact is that the maestros can teach one the essentials of photography, but with practice can one develop their own individual style. According to the experts digital art photography is all about trail and error, and can never reach the hilt of perfection. In fact, most believe that the day a photographer feels they have captured the perfect image, they should move onto a new profession. Instead a good image should be the pivotal point for trying something better.

Here are some tips to help one capture some artistic images:

• Blurry pictures have an impact: Sometimes a picture taken out of focus can make for an artistic image if the subject is interesting. The blurry image gives a feel of movement. It creates the illusion of movement, for instance capturing moving cars after sunset. The streaks of light give a different feel altogether.
• Shadows and dark corners give a feel of mystery to the picture.
• When editing the image, it is important to be creative when cropping. Most photographers make an attempt to keep everything in the picture they have captured, however, cropping can creative a better impact. However, when cropping one should remember to save a copy of the original image, in case one prefers to retain the entire image, as it is.
• Close up shots of objects, from various angles make interesting digital prints. In fact, when capturing candid moments of subjects expressions, its better to play with mid to close shots to capture the details of those facial expressions.
• One needs to ensure proper lighting when shooting to prevent the ugly shadows.
• Do not take the subject or object in isolation. In fact, when the background and foreground is included, and yet not taking attention from the main subject/object, then the image seems to be telling a story of its own. The best of art prints have people staring at them for a long time, as if lost in the scene.
• People viewing the image seek something more than what meets the eye in normal circumstances, and the art digital photographer should keep this in mind when capturing images.
• Empty spaces in images add depth to picture and capture a viewer’s attention for longer amount of time. So, when photographing a picture of a baby, instead of a close covering the entire space, seat the baby in a way that there is empty space in the space.

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