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A memory card is one of the most important accessories of a digital camera. Memory cards, are used to store the pictures we take on digital cameras. They can be equated with hard disks in computers. Camera manufacturers usually fit their gadgets with low storage media cards. This is a mainly marketing technique, to make users buy additional memory cards for increasing the storage capacity of their cameras. Additional memory cards are generally either 128 MB or 265 Mb. Smart Media, Memory Stick, Compact Flash etc are all different type of memory cards. The user is required to check what suits his camera before buying a memory card. It is also possible to re-use memory cards, after saving the required photographs on the computer, or copying them on a CDs etc. You can also simply take your memory card or camera to a photo lab, and get.

The internet also enables a person to send folders of printed pictures via email now. However a computer is optional, and not necessary, for self- printing of photographs. It would of course be easier to cater, resize and stock digital photographs with the use of a computer. Big companies like Canon, HP, Kodak and Epson sell printers, which can be directly connected to digital cameras. However, one has to check on compatibility before making such a purchase. Camera memories are of two types, namely, removable storage memory and built-in memory. Most digital cameras make use of removable storage memory for the purpose of recording images. 16 MB cards are commonly used in digital cameras.

Batteries are the fuel of digital cameras. It is always desirable to stock an extra pair of batteries for emergencies although; AA batteries are available in most shops. Digital photography tends to become tedious due to limited battery life. It is therefore advisable to use a LCD viewfinder. Some digital cameras also come with rechargeable batteries. Cameras are commonly sold with battery chargers to enhance their buy ability. However, this facility also makes the camera costlier by thirty to hundred dollars.

Optical and digital zooms also translate into an important feature of digital cameras. The quality of the photographs usually wary with the quality, and type of zoom used. Internal software applications are also used in digital zooms to enlarge small photographs. However, this ends up depleting the image quality of the picture. It is advisable to go for a camera with an inbuilt optical zoom, in order to preserve the image quality. It would be quite right to say, that optical zooms should only be used in instances, where image quality is not important.

Computer connectivity is another important feature of a digital camera. Computer downloading soft wares are an innate feature of most digital cameras. Latest computers come with USB connections, which facilitate the storage and editing of photograph’s, which can be mailed to people. It is desirable to plan the connection of the digital camera, before buying a computer these days. Most new models of digital cameras name USB connections.

LCD viewfinders are popularly known as LCD. This is an important feature of digital camera, and enables one to view the picture before clicking the photograph. LCD is a liquid crystal display viewfinder. LCD viewfinders also function to allow the user to see and liner saved images, and delete the unwanted ones.

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