Disadvantages Of Digital Photography

Like every coin has its two sides, so also does everything in life. While technological advancements can make life more of a luxury, yet it does come with its negatives that take a little comfort away. But then, it is important to be aware of the positives and negatives before plunging into anything. It is for this reason that the disadvantages of digital photography are listed here, so that one is aware of the other side of comfort photographing…

? According to some the quality of pictures taken with a digital camera are not as good as those taken with the analog film cameras.
? The size of digital print depends on the type of camera it is shot from. With the low resolution cameras one can print photographs of postcard size. Anything more than that would cause the image to split or tear. Pictures clicked on the film cameras can be printed into any size.
? Some of the analog film cameras work without the need of batteries, since the image once clicked is stored on film, unlike in the digital cameras wherein the image is stored in the memory with use of CCD/CMOS sensors. These are associated with electronics and need some source of power in order to be operational
? Special types of film rolls are available, including those meant for infrared light. There is no such equivalent in those digital cameras that are commercially available. The fact is that the digital sensor – CCD – is sensitive to infrared light. However, some digital cameras can be converted to highly sensitive infrared equipment, while others require a special filter, which needs to be used over the lens in order to block the infrared rays.
? Images taken form a digial camera is not admissible in the court of law, because of the manipulation in images that is highly possible. On the other hand film roll images are considered as evidence, till date.
? According to the experts, the film cameras have a better dynamic range. But this is being combated in some of the new CCDs such as fuji digital cameras Super CCD. This camera combines diodes of varying sensitivity so as to address the problem of range limitations.

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