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Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd was established in 1934. A premier Japanese imaging company, Fuji has a rich presence in copiers, cameras, camcorders, printing among the others. Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd has a sizeable presence in India. Since last four decades Fujifilm has continued to register its impressive presence in the Indian photographic market. Earlier it used to operate through authorized Indian distributors. The distributors were handling all the sales related activities on Fuji film’s behalf. Realizing the strong potential of Indian market, Fuji film set up its representative office in 1995, which has now been upgraded to full fledged branch office. In a clear indication of increasing focus on India, Fuji has started to pursue the sales and marketing activities in full vigor along with improved technical support to its authorized dealers. Over the years, Fujifilm has managed to make its mark in India with expanding business.

Fujifilm has consistently offered world class products. Fuji finepix digital cameras are one of them. Since the launch of this series, it has continued to produce large sales volumes world wide. Low prices on Fuji digital cameras are truly manifested in the form of finepix series. The latest in the series is finepix A500 digital camera. It has 5.10 mega pixels with 3x zoom lens and 1.8 inch LCD size. Catering to the low-end budget camera category, A500 has standard AA batteries, four scene modes, selectable light sensitivity of up to ISO 400, and 12MB of internal memory. It is made up of polycarbonate material with appearance of metallic body. Its cost-cutting design constitutes of 3.7 x 2.4 x 1.1-inch body with a very light weight of 186 grams. Other famous cameras in the finepix series are F10 and F30 digital cameras. F10 has even won many awards for its revolutionary technology and path breaking features. Fuji also has enviable portfolio of underwater digital cameras. Defining the cutting edge technology, its digital cameras come equipped with underwater strobe kit which is compatible with almost all the digital cameras. The Fuji underwater digital cameras produce amazingly clear pictures with the highest possible quality. Because of cameras’ own built in flash and multiple options which are easily adjustable to different lighting condition, Fuji underwater digital cameras clearly leads the pack of underwater cameras.

Most of the people prefer to buy Fuji s6000 digital cameras. Hugely acclaimed camera, s6000 is power packed with numerous features. Available in surprisingly affordable prices a photography enthusiast would prefer to buy Fuji s6000 digital cameras out of other options available. In sync with Indian imaging market, Fuji offers products in different price range, thus catering to all different categories. Most of the reasonably priced Fuji’s cameras are in the range of Rs.7500 to Rs. 24000. Many retail shops and online sites offer discounted Fuji digital cameras in India.

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