Fujifilm Finepix A500

The A500 is a no nonsense camera which will be dearly appreciated by those who want to own a digital camera without paying a fortune for it. The basic purpose of this is taking snaps and if you are looking for high end technologies then you might not be too impressed with the features it provides.

The A500 is a 5 mega pixel camera with 3x optical zoom and 5.2x digital zoom feature. There are no manual controls and the camera has a small 1.8-inch LCD screen.  Having dimensions of 93 x 60 x 27.5mm and weighing 140g the A500 has a solid feeling to it. One might not be happy with the finishing of the product by putting rubber covers for the A/V, USB, and DC ports thus taking away some of the solid feel that the A500 provides. Having a rectangular shape this camera comes in a shiny silver colour.

The photo quality might leave you disappointed to some extent. Even thought the A500 might not be the most expensive camera but still as compared to its competitors of the same range the pictures taken can be described best as average. One might experience purple fringing while taking shots and the outdoor shots might lack sharpness. Focusing could be a cause of concern as at times it drifts away from the center. The colours produced by the A500 are vibrant and soothing to the eyes. While taking shots during low lighting conditions the A500 struggles with the focusing of the object to be shot and red eye criteria might also be a cause for concern. While taking shots in the macro mode the situation dose not improve with the pictures not being properly focused and not sharp enough. The camera does redeem itself to some extent when the ISO 400 is used to lighten up shots which otherwise might have come out dark. Though the photos are still not up to the mark but they are better than those taken in other conditions.

Unlike some of the other cameras of this range the A500 does have a view finder which helps while taking pictures under sunlight. The flash can work up to a maximum range of 3.1m. The different flash modes available are Auto, Red-eye Reduction, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro and Red-eye Reduction + Slow Synchro. Portrait, Landscape, Sports and Night Scene are the different scene modes that one can choose from while taking a picture. These options when chosen help the camera to take the snap under the settings closely resembling the particular conditions. The A500 has a self timer which delays the shots for 2 seconds or 10 seconds depending upon the photographers need. Features such as aperture size, shutter speeds, exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity and white balance are all controlled by the camera itself. The shutter speed of the A500 varies between ranges of 2 to 1/1500 seconds and the aperture size has a range of F3.3 to F5.5. The maximum ISO that can be used is ISO 400. One can also make use of ISO 100 and ISO 200 if required.

One can record movies in two resolutions of 320 x 240 and 160 x 120. Depending on the resolution being used and the amount of memory available the length of the video is determined. Basically for 320 x 240 one can record up to 1 minute and with 160 x 120 this time goes up to 3 minutes. Zoom cannot be used while recording videos and there is no sound recording technique. One can connect to various devices such as computers and printers by the help of A/V, USB, and DC ports available in the camera.

Two AA batteries are required to run the camera and the A500 has 12 MB of in built memory. The A500 is compatible with xD Picture Cards which can be used to increase the memory of the camera.

If you are just looking to buy a digital camera at low cost without having any thoughts of picture quality then you might want to take a look at the A500 but if you are a photographer looking for a camera with good picture taking capabilities then you might want to keep away from the A500 because this is just not your type.

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