Fujifilm Finepix A700

Simplicity is the best adjective that possibly defines A700 the closest. Photo taking has never been this easier. Like any of the other Fuji A range of digital cameras the A700’s basic aim is to provide pictures without any complicated button pressing or picture settings to be made.

The biggest positive of the camera is its weight. The A700 weighs as less as 5 ounces without the battery and media thus allowing people to carry it around and easily photograph with it in one hand. Has a 3x optical zoom along with a 6.3x digital zoom option. The A700 has a 2.4″ LCD screen and the lens has a focal length equivalent to 36 – 108mm in 35mm format. The A700 has a part metal, part plastic case and comes in a matt silver colour.

As you might have guessed by now the number of buttons on the A700 is kept to a minimum and the price as low as it gets. This possibly is the least costing 7 mega pixel camera available in the market currently. In spite of the lowest price tag A700 does provide some pretty decent pictures. The colours are vibrant and sharp for the outdoor shots but its limitations are exposed when the sun is shinning on coloured objects. This basically leads to parts of the object not pictured properly. When zoomed, the A700 does a respectable job in terms of picture taking quality. The camera struggles to some extent when the lighting conditions are low and fails to deliver a quality picture. Indoor photos taken by the A700 can surprise you by its quality. It performs better than what some of its competitors would have and provides a picture with commendable brightness and sharpness. The maximum ISO that a user can make use of in the A700 is ISO 400. Though limited with the number of options in this field the A700 still provides decent picture quality when the ISO 400 is used. It also has a macro mode which might not provide the best shots ever seen but is still good enough considering the price tag.

The A700 takes around 0.30 seconds for a single photo without the flash being turned on and 0.47 seconds with the flash. The response time is good while taking a single photo but it goes down drastically when taking a set of quick shots one after the other. 17 seconds for five photos with no flash on and 20 seconds when flash is in use. To have better picture quality one can choose from options such as Portrait, Landscape, Sport and Night Scene. Flash modes available in A700 are Auto, Red-eye Reduction, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro, Red-eye Reduction + Slow Synchro. Flash unit works up to 3.8m when zoom lens not in use. Also has a self timer using which the photographer can take the picture after a maximum delay of 10 seconds. The A700 dose not have a manual mode and controls the shutter speed and aperture automatically. F2.8 – F8 and F5.2 – F14 are the ranges in which the aperture works. The shutter speed works between 2 and 1/1600 seconds. The ISO levels available are ISO 100, ISO 200 and ISO 400. White Balance is also one feature that is available in the A700. The A700 allows movies to be recorded at a maximum resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The length of the movie can be a maximum of 1 minute. This can go up to 3 minutes if the movie is being shot at a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels.  No zoom can be used and the frame rate is a low 10 per second which deeply affects the quality of the movie. Audio recording can also be done on the A700.

USB is supported by the A700 thus allowing the transfer of all the pictures and videos to the computer with ease. USB and A/V out sockets do not have covers hence making it susceptible to dust. Two AA batteries are required to run the camera and has a 12 MB internal memory. If required XD Picture cards can be used to increase the memory of the camera.

Thus, the A700 at an extremely reasonable price provides a digital camera with decent picture quality and surely worth the money. But it does show its limitations in the video recording department more than anywhere else. So if you want to own a digital camera at the lowest price possible then you might want to check out the A700 but don’t be surprised with its lack of video quality and high end functions available in the other digital cameras now a days.

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