Fujifilm Finepix E510

The E510 is a simple functioning camera having some advanced features. This one is not really a photographer’s delight kind of camera but more of a capturing precious moment’s kind. The one thing about E510 which deserves a special mention is its lens design which provides it with a wider view thus allowing it to cover more places in a single picture than any other camera of its range.

The E510 is made up of a mixture of metal and plastic and does not have a quality feeling about it. The camera has dimensions of 101.0 x 60.5 x 32.6 mm and weighs around 170 grams. A 3X optical zoom lens which starts at 28 mm helps E510 to provide wider angel shots. The E510 comes equipped with a 2″ LCD screen which helps while viewing of the pictures and menus. The LCD screen is sharp, clear and shows 96% of the frame. Monitor brightness can also be adjusted but the LCD still fails during low light conditions as it dose not gain up automatically during such situations unlike some of the other cameras of the same range. The optical view finder shows around 80% of the frame but as it lacks a diopter correction knob, it fails to focus on the object you are looking at.

The different modes can be accessed by the dial present on top of the camera. The fully automatic mode can be used, if the photographer is not sure of the different factors such as exposure and sharpness etc. Manual mode allows complete control over the picture. Buttons are present to perform operations such as zoom, selection of macro/close up mode or to turn on flash. Menu selection is easy to find and access, with the only menus available are the ones required during the particular shooting mode.

Taking photographs outdoor provides good results with the picture having good brightness and the colours vibrant though the same results are not achieved when the pictures are taken indoors. The camera does struggle to some extent in low lighting conditions. One can also make use of pre programmed scene mode for improving the picture quality. The pop up flash unit is effective and helps when the light conditions are dim. The close up and macro shots can at most be described as average.

One can make use of the different scene modes available which include Portrait, Landscape, Sports and Night Scenes. This helps the camera to adjust to different lighting conditions based on the scene mode chosen. The flash present on top of the camera has a range of four meters and is especially effective when the light is low.  The various flash modes available are Automatic, Red eye Reduction, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash (Slow Synchro, Red eye Reduction + Slow Synchro in manual mode).

One place where this camera fails is the video recording mode. One can record at a resolution of 320×240 for 1 minute and this can be increased up to 3 minutes when the video is recorded at a resolution of 160×120. This can be connected to a computer for transferring of pictures and videos by the help of USB. The E510 has a support for A/V out, USB (1.1), and DC-in and has I/O ports for it on the left hand side of the camera.

One of the best features of E510 is the complete control of a photographer over a picture through the manual mode. The Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes are also present in the E510. If the post-shot review feature is not turned on then the camera takes 1.5 second between shots. One place where the E510 does falter is the lack of delete option immediately after the photo has been taken, for deleting one must enter the playback mode.

One would find some menus locked, to unlock them one has to enter into the manual mode. The E510 works with two AA batteries. External memory cards can be used to increase the memory of the camera thus allowing more pictures and videos to be stored. xD Picture cards are used for storing purposes.

The E510 is extremely impressive when it comes to outdoor shooting but falls short when used indoors. In respect to the price tag it seems just about right considering the large LCD screen and the simplicity it provides.

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