Fujifilm Finepix E900

The E900 is one camera which would appeal to both sets of masses, one who take photography seriously and the other who want to own a camera to capture all precious moments in life. The E900 has a 4x optical zoom and is a 9 mega pixel digital camera. The best feature that E900 offers is the choice between manual mode and automatic mode which lets the photographer decide the level of control he or she wants on the photo to be taken.

The E900 weighs around 200 grams and has dimensions of 102 x 63 x 34.4mm. This has a small and compact design with features closely packed together. The design is pleasing to the eyes and its light weight makes it easier to carry around from one place to another. The shape of the camera helps to hold the E900 steadily while taking shots.

Although nothing special the E900 provides decent pictures to say the least. The outdoor shots are decent and the colours are vibrant and natural. Sharpness in maintained through the picture although one might notice a purple fringing occur when the zoom lens is fully in use. The indoor shots are also not bad but again nothing special. The colour tones and sharpness is maintained nicely in the pictures. You might find red eye even though the E900 employs a pop up flash unit. One has to make use of the auto focus illuminator to focus properly and quiet frankly without it the photos are just not sharp enough. Close ups falter to some extent when taken from the E900 with the lack of sharpness and the purple fringing factor again coming into play. ISO handling capability of the E900 is good and better than most of the other cameras of the same range.

The E900 takes half a second to take a photo and 5.49 seconds to take five shots one after the other. The 4x optical zoom has a focal length equivalent to 32 – 128mm in 35mm format. F2.8 – F5.6 is the maximum aperture available. The E900 has a 2″ LCD screen and an optical viewfinder both of which can be used to while taking pictures. The flash has a range of 3.7m which falls to 1.9m when zoomed. One impressive feature of E900 concerning flash is that it can be adjusted. Different flash modes available are Auto, Red-eye Reduction, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro, Red-eye Reduction + Slow Synchro. A self timer option is also available which can be set at 2 seconds or 10 seconds depending on the photographer’s needs. One can also make use of the voice memo feature which can be added to a picture and has a maximum time limit of 30 seconds. The sharpness can be adjusted along with options such as photo modes and focusing options. Natural Light, Portrait, Sports and Night Scene are the various scene modes available for the user to choose from. Shutter speed varies between 15 seconds and 1/2000 seconds. ISO settings available are 80, 100, 200, 400 and a maximum of 800. The white balance settings that can be used are Automatic, Fine, Shade, Fluorescent, Incandescent and Custom.

The E900 has video recording option and offers a maximum resolution of 640 x 480. 30 frames pre second gives boost to the quality of the video. Sound can be recorded along with the video and the size of the movie depends upon the amount of amount of memory available. The zoom feature as in most of the other Fuji cameras cannot be used while recording videos. Images are stored in RAW or JPEG format. If required we can shoot up to 40 photos at a maximum speed of 0.6 seconds pre frame. The E900 can be connected to television sets and computers for viewing of pictures and videos.

The E900 requires two AA batteries and has internal memory of 16 MB is available. One can buy xD cards, which increases the memory of the camera thus allowing the storage of more photos and longer video clips.

The E900 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a compact looking digital camera which has some good high end technologies along with a high resolution of nine mega pixels.

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