Fujifilm Finepix S602

The S602 is a newer version of Fuji’s 6900.  The S602 employs the 6X optical zoom, electronic viewfinder, and full manual controls features of 6900 and adds some new high end features to them. The S602 is the first camera which is designed by Fuji and makes use of the 3rd Generation Super CCD.

The camera has dimensions of 4.8 x 3.2 x 3.8 inches and weighs around 500 grams when completely empty. The S602 is not one that can be carried around in your pocket due to its large size but it does work well with respect to handling while taking photographs. The body of the S602 is a mixture of metal and plastic giving it a solid and professional look.

The S602 has a 6X optical zoom lens and the F2.8 lens is having a focal range of 7.8 – 46.8 mm. An infrared auto focus-assist sensor is a new feature present in the S602 which is used for general focus and this is followed by the regular contrast-detection AF system being used for any more adjustments that might be necessary. The S602 has a pop up flash which has a range of 0.3 – 5.4 m in wide-angle and 0.9 – 5.0for telephoto. This also has an electronic view finder and a 0.44″ LCD screen. The basic advantage of the electronic view finder is that we see what the CCD sees and we can also obtain information about the photograph which might be absent in a normal view finder. The disadvantage though is the quicker loss of battery.

The manual mode uses a feature called as manual check feature which would scale the image up so that one can view the image more precisely on the LCD screen. There are different modes available thus allowing the user decide the level of interaction he or she wants to have with the camera while the photo is being taken. If the full auto mode is used then the camera takes most of the major decisions except for some like whether the flash is to be used or not, self timer etc. If one wants to have more control then the program mode can be used which would give you an option of choosing the exposure settings and if not comfortable then you can allow the camera to choose it as well. The full manual mode gives you complete freedom, by allowing you to decide on factors such as shutter speed and aperture thus giving you the complete control over the photograph. The shutter speed has range between 3 sec – 1/1000 sec and the aperture ranges between F2.8 – F11.

The different scene position modes available are portraits, landscapes, action shots, night scenes, and black & white. The S602 has a shift button which allows quick changing of settings such as quality, ISO, Photometry, White Balance, Self-timer and LCD brightness. The camera has I\O ports for USB and A/V to view pictures and videos on Television and computer.  The camera has a variety of ISO settings that can be used which includes ISO 160, ISO 400, ISO 800 and ISO 1600. The various white balance modes available are Auto, custom 1, custom 2, sunlight, shade, fluorescent and incandescent. One can also control the sharpness of the photo by the help of three options available which include Normal, soft and hard.

Looking at the image quality provided by the S602 the shots taken at night are good with minimum “Hot pixels” but there might be some noise present. Two macro modes are available with the S602 one being the regular one and the other is the super macro mode. The pictures in both the modes are better than average with the colours being vibrant and sharp. This has a red eye reduction feature which helps in reducing the effects of red eye in the picture. The photos come out well even with the flash turned on.

The video recording quality of the S602 is quiet simply brilliant.  This allows video to be taken in 604 x 480 resolution and captures the back ground sound as well. The length of the video is dependent on the amount of memory available.  The only problem with the recording mode of the S602 is the inability to use the zoom while filming. It comes with a 16 MB of internal memory and one can record up to 13 seconds in 640 x 480 resolution and 27 seconds in 320 x 240 resolution. You can also add video caption having a time limit of 30 seconds to any photo.

The S602 is a camera that would be dearly appreciated by the novices and semi-professionals alike. Good picture quality and manual mode option are some of its features that would make it a hit among the masses. Even with minor disadvantages such as noise and some playback mode features missing the S602 is surely one the best in its range.

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