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One of the first digital companies to set shop in India, Kodak India private limited has a vast presence in Indian photographic and imaging industry. Established by George Eastman in 1888, Kodak has a rich history of providing revolutionary imaging stuff on a regular interval. Earlier considered as a tough process, camera usage took a completely new meaning courtesy Kodak’s innovation and quality. It started its operation in India as early as 1913. Kodak’s product portfolio primarily constitutes of imaging segment like entertainment imaging, digital & movie imaging and health imaging. Kodak digital cameras are available across the length and breadth of India.

To its credit, Kodak has helped in making photography a much simpler process through the slew of its numerous products using simpler processes. Its superb technology combined with plethora of images has made photography an enjoyable experience. One of the leading digital companies worldwide, it has an impressive presence through Kodak digital cameras and accessories across the world. Kodak has also contributed a lot in coalesce image with information. It has thus produced some outstanding results. Kodak is also largely instrumental in making cameras a much affordable thing. Cheap Kodak digital cameras have made its way into many middle class Indian households resulting into the popularity of cameras.

One of the most popular products from the stable of Kodak is Kodak easy share digital cameras. A value for money product with loads of features, easy share digital cameras truly justifies its name. Easy to use, even easier to handle and a smooth process of sharing pictures makes it quite a favourite. One of the latest models creating ripples in market is Kodak Easy share V803 Digital Camera. with 8 Mega pixel, 2.5″ LCD Screen, 3x Optical Zoom, V803 has auto as well as scene mode which effortlessly works in even less light conditions. A well designed compact digital camera, V803 comes in eight different, catchy colours. It covers almost 180 degree angle which helps in taking excellent pictures of huge landscapes. It boasts of Kodak’s perfect touch technology which is designed to select the required ISO in order to provide consistent image even in slightly adverse conditions. Kodak V803 has large display with advanced video features and prominent brightness and clarity. Presence of typical Kodak specialty of sharing facility with a single click on share button, Kodak’s easy share cameras command a strong loyal customer base.

Kodak disposable digital cameras have been quite popular lately. Also known as single use camera, disposable camera comes in both forms of digital and film. The large sales volume of disposable digital cameras only reinforces its easy to use, no fuss, good quality, easily available fundamentals. Few of them even work underwater. Kodak’s disposable cameras are extremely cheap and available with fully automatic, self timer option. For sale in India, discounted Kodak digital cameras are available at quite a reasonable price option. It is considered as one of the cheapest cameras around making it most sought after in rural and semi-urban areas.

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