Kodak Easyshare C 653

Now capture bright, brilliant and beautiful colour with the Kodak Easyshare C653 because of its 6.1MP, which helps you making exceptional quality prints up to 50 X 76 cm. You can also capture crisp details with the 3x optical aspheric lens. Images can be enlarged further with the help of the 5x digital zoom. The 20 programmed screen modes, which include fireworks, snow, backlight, portrait, party, auto and sport ensure great shots. The different colour modes add to the list of features. There are three colour modes in this model – colour, black & white and sepia.

With the continuous VGA video which features audio and playback, you can shoot videos easily (640 X 480 at 10 frames per second). The MPEG-4 compression can help capture more videos with the use of less memory. The indoor and outdoor colour display lets you have a good look at images even under direct sunlight! The panorama stitch mode can combine three consecutive snaps together in one large image. The high-ISO scene mode helps capture bright images when shooting under low-light conditions. With the capture framing grid you can create the perfect composition for your shots. If you want to be included in the picture, there is a 2-shot self-timer.

Other features such as auto-picture rotation and on-camera help make it easier to capture images and add to the convenience. The images are suitable for e-mails, websites and 4×6 prints. The camera also features 19 programmed scene modes and 3 colour modes. You can also stamp the date on the image. A small portion of the previous image is displayed on the 2.4-inch LCD screen which helps you line up your next shot. It only takes 2 seconds to startup.

Since the camera is available at a low price, there are not enough advanced exposure controls. Despite its low cost, it has a good overall image quality. However, when it is set to full telephoto, the images turn out to be less sharp. Another drawback is that the battery is short-lived – it lasts just about 160 shots. The package contains AA alkaline batteries, a USB cable, a wrist band, a Kodak Easyshare Software, and a manual. You can use the Creative Projects tab for the purpose of personalized photo greeting cards, gifts and books. The Kodak Easyshare Camera Dock Series 3 is an optional accessory which transfers your images instantly and charges the battery in less than three and a half hours. It is also possible to get waterproof, wipeable and stain resistant prints with the Kodak Xtralife Lamination.

Simplicity is what defines the camera. You can make images better and brighter with richer details. You can take high quality shots with just a touch of a button in seconds. Another advantage offered by this model is that it can work with or without a computer. However, the model is thick and chunky. Despite its appealing price, the model is not worth because of its ugly chunky design and disappointing image quality.

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