Kodak Easyshare V 803

The new Kodak Easy share V 803 is the latest model to be added in Kodak’s very stylish V series range of digital cameras. What different and unique in this particular digital camera is that it comes in eight different colors that are white, silver, black, red, purple, blue, pink and gold.

Kodak Easy share V 803 comes with a built in memory instead of a bundled memory card. The built in memory of the V 803 is 32 Mb. Out of this available storage capacity of 32 Mb, only 24 Mb can be used to store photographs. This 24 Mb can hold only 10 photos at a time with the highest quality settings. This generates a need for a memory card. The V 803 supports both SD and MMC memory cards. However, SDHC cards are not supported. Another omission by Kodak is of the A/V output cable.

The V 803 uses the KLIC-7003 lithium-ion rechargeable battery which gives a battery life of about 200 shots which is quite decent. This rechargeable battery can be charged with the help of an AC adapter which can be directly plugged in to the camera and takes about 2 hours to fully charge. To indicate that the camera is getting charged, blue lights blink on top of the camera. To fix up photos, the Kodak easy share software has a lot of nice tools which include cropping, rotation, and instant sepia and black & white conversion. The software comes with some fun features too like creating greeting cards and some other fun effects as well.

The V 803 has the vital statistics of 4.1 x 2.1 x 1.0 in and an empty mass of 142 Gms. The camera panel is made out of a mixture of metal and plastic. So, the camera comes to be sleek, stylish and compact. The V 803 has a F2.8-4.8, 3X optical zoom lens and the focal length of the lens being 7.5 – 22.5 mm, which makes it equivalent to 36 – 108 mm. On the upper right of the lens, an AF assist lamp is placed which acts like a visual countdown for the self timer. This AF assist lamp is used be the camera as an aide to focus on the object to be shot in low light conditions.

On the back of the camera is its large 2.5” LCD display screen. This screen most catches the eye in the camera. However, the resolution of the LCD screen is average with 154,000 pixels. Also, the outdoor visibility is quite poor and not very sharp and the screen appears best only in low visibility. The optical view finder is also missing in the V 803. The tiny zoom controller moves the lens in seven steps to cover the camera’s entire 3X zoom range with the entire process taking about 1.5 seconds.

Summing it all up, the Kodak Easy share V803 is an average featured yet compact and stunning device which makes it trendy and a great piece to buy.

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