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The new Kodak EasyShare Z1275 is the latest digital camera offered by Kodak in the range of 12 mega pixel compact models’ category. The Kodak EasyShare is basically a higher resolution version of the 8 mega pixel Z885 launched a few months earlier.

Going by compact standards, one will find the Z1275 fairly larger and heavier with the vital stats of the digicam measuring 89.5 × 64.5 × 31.6 mm and weighing 161g without batteries. After adding the required two AA cells that the camera runs on, the weight of the digicam scales 210g making it a tad bit heavier to roam around in a clothes’ pocket. The camera body is made of plastic and it looks decent in a two tone metallic grey and black. However, when this camera is compared to other 12 MP cameras in the market, the structure of this camera looks and feels a bit cheap because parts of the camera’s body creak when squeezed making the camera feel like a fragile structure.

The Z1275 has a 2.5 inch monitor LCD screen that has a resolution of only 115 pixels which is quite average according to industry standards and a 12 MP camera. Also, this camera lacks the optical view finder just like much other point and shoot cameras. The Z1275 has good sensitivity settings, reaching up to ISO 1600 – 3200 at reduced resolution. Also, the 12 Mega Pixel sensor proved to be impressive. However, the zoom lens of the camera is only 5x but the lens are longer than average.

The camera can be operated at ease with the help of 20 different scene modes like sepia, potrait, black and white, etc. The panaroma feature works the most impressive of the lot. There are many other manual options available to adjust the picture. The manual options consist of settings for balance, exposure metering, sharpness and red-eye reduction. An ISO mode is also available which Kodak suggests the user to use to capture pictures in very low-light conditions.

After powering up and to get a focused shot on this camera takes at least 5 seconds which is quite sluggish. Though the second shot comes much faster after about 2 seconds which is much better. However, the initial start up needs improvement. Though the image quality comes out to be brilliant at most times, clicking of the pictures is added with a lot of noise and fuss. The best still photography feature in this camera is the panorama mode, wherein two or three pictures are simply pasted together to form one wide panoramic image.

To transfer these pictures onto a computer is pretty fast using a USB 2.0 cable. Also, the camera uses the SD format that is useful for many. The accessories included are a wrist strap, Easy Share software, two AA batteries, a USB 2.0 cable, and a plastic piece to connect the camera to an Easy Share dock or printer. The battery life of the two AA batteries is very short with the total time it lasting being less than an hour.

Summing it all, Kodak Z1275 is a great high grade camera with a few drawbacks that can be easily ignored once you see the quality of the images.

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