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Never has taking photographs been so easy and so rewarding. The latest cameras are small, compact and simple to use, yet they offer a superb range of relatively sophisticated features, available at the mere touch of a button. All you have to do is point and shoot, with a little advance planning and attention to composition. This seems exciting for not only those on the anvil of becoming professional photographers, but even the general photographer who wants to capture and preserve memories of those special occasions.

Whether it is a birthday, picnic or any form of celebration, the methods of capturing digital images is easy. However, to get extra-special results, one will have to discover and master a few simple techniques.

No party would be complete without mouthwatering party food, cake and ice-cream, always scoring highest with younger children. The highlight of the party is the moment the birthday child blows out the candles, signifying the end of one year and the start of the next. This is an attractive and important moment to capture.

If conditions are dull inside the house use the fill-in-flash. The flash will help to override the orange color, cast by the tungsten lights. Here are some tips for getting the perfect images on such an occasion:

• Adopt a low camera angle for small children. Kneel or crouch so the camera is at level with their eyes.
• When taking portraits of one or two children together, get close to them to fill the viewfinder frame with their faces.
• Don’t get so close that you trim the child’s head off. Keep within the lines in your viewfinder.
• Attempt to capture the expressions of the birthday child in action. A natural shot is better than a candid one.

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