Nikon L20

The NIKON L20 is one of the good entry level digital cameras introduced in the market. There is an entire ‘L’Series which has been launched in the market. L19, L20, L21, L22 and many more. The ‘L’ series Digital Cameras are really compact and loaded with great features.

Nikon L20

The NIKON L20 Dimensions are 2.4 in. (61mm) x 3.8 in. (96.5mm) x 1.2 in. (29mm). The weight of the camera is only 135 gm. The camera has a bulge on the side so that it is easy to hold the camera in one hand and provide a better stability. The Lens on the Nikon L20 has a focal length of 18m – 35m. The Lens is equipped with a 10.0 megapixel CCD 1/2.33 in. imaging sensor. The camera also has a 3.6x optical zoom. There is a 3 inch LCD on the back of the camera and the screen has 230000 pixels. The maximum image size is 3648 x 2736 pixels. The NIKON L20 is available only in a dark red color option.

Nikon L20

The Nikon L20 is a very good low budget camera giving good image quality in its range of cameras. There is an automatic focus feature in the camera which helps the NIKON L20 to produce sharp images. There is a negative point in the camera. The zoom provided is not very good. When you zoom in and click pictures the sharpness is lost.

The processor of the camera is very gimage ood and the response tile is very less. It means the camera is very speedy. It is ready to click pictures in less than 2 sec and the shutter release speed is also very fast. The Nikon L20 runs on two AA batteries. The camera is not so battery efficient. The AA lithium batteries can be replaced by Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.


The ISO speed of the camera ranges from 64 – 1600. There is no digital image stabilization on the camera. It means that the images produced by the camera can be blurred. There is an inbuilt flash which has different options like Auto, Fill-in, Red-Eye reduction, Slow and off. The NIKON L20 records movies with a resolution of 640 x 480 and 320 x 240. There is a self timer with a shutter release delay ranging from 2 – 10 sec. There is a 20 MB internal memory on the NIKON L20 and the memory can be increased by inserting SD / SDHC memory card into the slot provided on the camera. There is a USB 2.0 port present on the camera.

Nikon L20

The NIKON L20 price is Rs.6000 approximately. The camera is extremely cheap and is a really good option for the beginners as it is a user friendly camera.

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