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The company Olympus was established way back in 1919 and since its inception it has developed pioneering technology solutions that have contributed greatly to the society.
With the development of Olympus microscope, the company established a tradition of quality manufacturing in the field of cameras. This trend was continued with the development of camera lenses in 1934. In 1936, the Zuiko lens was used in the Semi-Olympus, Olympus-Six and Olympus Reflex 2-lens cameras. Olympus thus laid the foundations required for the company to be a world renowned camera manufacturer.

Olympus has also established its strong base in India and the company has invested around fifty crores to set up its private showrooms in the metros. The company has almost doubled its revenue in the last five years. In India, Olympus sells its entire portfolio of products which includes digital cameras, voice recorders and binoculars. Olympus showrooms in India are managed by its authorized distributors.

Olympus digital cameras for sale are present in over 2,000 multi-brand outlets. The company operates in India through a subsidiary called the ‘Olympus India’. This subsidiary has tied up with three distributors to market the company’s products. Olympus digital cameras in India are available in a wide range of waterproof and shock proof digital cameras. These cameras are priced from Rs.16, 000 to as high as Rs. 42,000.

Olympus digital SLR cameras especially the E1 SLR have been the first “four thirds” SLR in the market. These cameras are much lighter than the 35mm SLR bodies. Numerous innovations in camera and lens systems by Olympus has contributed to these all digital SLR design cameras.

The FE-170 Olympus digital camera is the best digital camera option for first-time users.
Its easy-to-use design and the convenience of its built-in help guide amazes the minute one picks the camera. The camera captures crisp shots with the fast shutter speed and a high ISO of digital image stabilization mode. Another camera from Olympus is the FE-230 that has made a big impact with its slim-line stainless metal body that’s just 16.5mm thin. It also has a 3x zoom lens that provides good shooting flexibility. With a big 2.5″ LCD, it lets the user frame and view shots with complete ease.

Olympus has recently advanced two of their cameras from their EVolt DSLR series. The EVolt E-410 and EVolt E-510 cameras have a few enhanced capabilities as compared to the E-400 and E-500. The earlier Olympus models were 8 mega pixels which have now been increased to 10. The cameras is equipped with Olympus’ supersonic wave filter to stop movement of dust through the camera body. Olympus digital camera for sale are available throughout India. Olympus has indeed made its name in the field of digital cameras. With the digital camera sales growing in excess of 26 per cent every year in India, Olympus is surely making its way to become a leader in this product category.

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