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The Olympus’ new series of voice recorders include the Olympus DS-30, Olympus DS-40 and Olympus DS-50 out of which the Olympus DS-50 is the most superior. The Olympus DS-50 is a voice recorder with a clip on micro stereo phone that picks up both the sides of the conversation. The Olympus DS-50 is a voice recorder which can prove to be both fun and productive, this voice recorder is ideal for recording sound-bytes during interviews, meetings or lectures; the Olympus DS-50 also provides a high sound quality while playing music. The 11 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm voice recorder comes with two attached microphones and the weight of the voice recorder including the two ‘AAA’ batteries is just 80 grams.

There are three different recording options such as lecture, conference and dictation are available on the voice recorder, which are basically set in high, medium or low sensitivity. The recording time depends on the mode being used, STEREO XQ mode offers 17 hours 30 minutes of recording, 44.1 KHZ of sampling frequency and 50-19,000 Hz of over all frequency response. STEREO HQ mode offers 35 hours 10 minutes of recording, sampling frequency of 44.1 KHZ and overall frequency response of 50-16,000 HZ. Recording time is 70 hours 20 minutes, sampling frequency is 44.1 KHZ and over all frequency response is 50-13,000 HZ in the HQ mode, while the SP mode provides a recording time of 138 hours 30 minutes, sampling frequency of 22.0 KHZ and over all frequency response of 100-8,000 HZ and the LP mode offers recording time up to 275 hours 20 minutes, sampling frequency of 8.0 KHZ and an over all frequency of 100-3,000 HZ. The better the standard of the mode used, clearer is the speech.

There is a 2.5 x 2.5 cm LED display which displays up to seven lines of information in black type on a grey back ground, but the display light get pretty dim at times. The Olympus DS-50 can also be used by the visually impaired people, for the buttons on the new generation voice recorder feature ridges and grooves that makes the buttons more identifiable by touch, the recorder also boasts of a voice guide function. The recorders microphone can comfortably be clipped to the speakers tie or lapel. The Olympus DS-50’s 1GB memory can store about 275 hours of audio recording at average quality. Voice activation is available on the voice recorder which can be switched on or off as per convenience. The Olympus DS-50 runs on 2 ‘AAA’ sized batteries or even 2 ‘AAA’ NiMH batteries can be used, the longest conference or lectures can be covered if an extra pair of batteries is carried along. Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional are supported by this voice recorder. One can download Pod casts with the help of a USB cable on the Olympus DS-50 and refer to it at leisure.

On the whole the Olympus DS-50 is a both fun and productive voice recorder, which is ideal for both visually impaired and normal vision people, if price is the factor then Olympus DS-30 and Olympus DS-40 is available at lower prices.

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