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The Olympus E-3 claims to have the worlds fastest autofocus speed, ¬†along with 1/8000sec shutter speed, 5fps and a 10mp sensor, Olympus’ latest digital SLR has put the company well and truly back in the professional arena. The Olympus E-3 is a completely weatherproof camera – not to be confused with waterproof – thanks to dust and splash protection of the camera body and many E-system lenses. All controls are extremely solid and reliable and the magnesium alloy body coupled to the camera’s weight inspires confidence and gives the impression that this machine is built to last for long.

The E3 comes with a hot shoe for external flash which can be fit which helps for low light portraiture or when the pop up flash just can’t cope up. The screen of the E3 is not just live view capable, but it also flips out for getting those shots that are normally impossible, like over someone’s head if you’re at the back of a crowd or shooting from ground level. It also flips over on the body to act as a full protector. The top LCD display screen shows information like Activated AF points, Exposure information, Drive, Flash and Metering modes. Other information like White balance and ISO can also be seen on this display. The Navigation pad is for finding your way around the Menu systems of the camera.
The IS button is to activate the Image stabilizer which is built into the body and helps taking steady pictures if using a long telephoto or a slow shutter speed in low light. IS works with all the lenses and can be set to full two dimension IS mode or one dimension that can be used when panning any moving subject.

The Display button will toggle through the display preferences of the E-3 showing information like a histogram, image information, shutter speed and aperture, ISO rating, White balance and how many pictures are left on the card. The body of the Olympus E-3 is made out of Magnesium Alloy and is Dust and splash proof so no need to worry when it is raining. The body is festooned with buttons which make setting any mode a quick experience. The E-3 has a new 10Mp sensor which has a faster read time to help enable the 5fps continuous shooting facility and the highest speed of the shutter is 1/8000 sec.

The Olympus E-3 overall is a great cameras, but like all other cameras it also has some negative points. Most of the people find the size of the camera to be too huge. To be specific it is 5.6 inches in height, 4.6 inches in width and 2.9 inches in breath. And the camera also weighs a little more than most of the other digital cameras, it weighs 31.4 oz. except the size and weight the camera is great.

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