Olympus FE 280

The FE-280 is an 8 Megapixel camera that boasts detail-capturing power. The exterior, made of stainless metal, which is ultra-slim, is available in four trendy colours – black, blue, silver and red. For the purpose of easy viewing, it has a 6.4cm (2.5 inches) LCD screen. This too, is based on the “one-button one-function” principle and also includes a guide function. Storage space can be expanded at any time with the help of an internal memory as well as an xD Picture Card slot. The high resolution displays make it easy for composing shots and sharing pictures.

An exclusive feature in the FE-280 is the new TruePic III image processor with the help of which images produced are crystal-clear because it uses all the pixel information. When the ISO settings are high, pictures come out even more clearly and crisp because it prevents blur caused by camera shakes. The Perfect Fix feature lets the users modify the images after they have been taken. It not only sharpens unanticipated blur and eliminates redeye but also improves the lighting. The Bright Capture Technology enables users to capture images and shoot movies even in low light with the help of the specific scene modes. It includes 20 scene modes such as Underwater Wide, Landscape, Sports, Indoor, Macro and Sunset. Framing and reviewing shots is made easy with a 3x optical zoom.

A striking feature of this model is the Face-Detection Technology. This helps in the accurate depiction of human subjects. It assures happy and smiling faces in the shot because of its innovative Smile Shot scene mode helps in tracking faces. It automatically captures the shot as it recognizes when the subject is smiling. The USB Auto Connect feature makes it easy to connect the camera to a computer. It does not require any software as it connects via a USB 2.0 cable. Downloading, editing and sharing your media are now quicker and simpler with the Muvee Pack trial version. Also available with the camera is an optional underwater case which allows underwater shooting. It also has a multi-language menu.

The camera is easy to use and is one of the lightest models available. It is budget-friendly and is a standard pocket camera. Looks are appealing as it is very stylish and one can choose from an option of four colours. The camera is user-friendly and one doesn’t take much time getting used to it. However, the quality of the image is mediocre. It performs better indoors than shooting outdoors like landscapes and scenic shots. Also, the voice recording mode is absent and in the movie mode, one cannot have the sound and optical zoom together.

But the bottom line is that the FE-280 is not only economical but also impressive.

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