Olympus VN3100PC

The Olympus VN3100 is a very easy to use video recorder which can be used by all. It’s very practical with respect to its approach and has a very user friendly interface to make interaction with the user simple, with the user easily understanding its various features.

One of the best features of the VN3100 is its battery life. This makes use of two AA type batteries which can record up to 10 hours without charging. The Olympus is extremely small and can easily fit into a small box. The place where the VN3100 is the widest is in the middle section. It is approximately 2 centimeters in width and 1.5 centimeters in depth. The 2 centimeter screen helps for viewing different options on the screen clearly.

The VN3100 has a silver grey coloured panel in the center and is coloured grey for the rest of the body casing. The back shape of the VN3100 is such that it helps while holding the Video recorder in your hands. All the functional buttons are present in the front end of the device and are extremely easy and comfortable to use.

A “Hold” button is present on the left hand side of the recorder which is used to switch on and off the VN3100. This is also used while pausing recoding for some reason. A silver clip is present on the top of this which can be used for hanging the VN3100 to a shirt, bag or anything else.

Looking at the more technical areas of the VN3100 it has a built in microphone on the top which is used to record voice. If one wants to attach an external microphone, the VN3100 employs sockets for plugging in such devices. Listening to the recordings without anyone being disturbed by it, then one can make use of earphone socket which allows you to use an earphone for listening to the recordings.

A volume dial is present on the right hand side of the device which is used to control the volume of the recordings. The VN3100 can be connected to the computer directly by connecting the cable to the socket present. The VN3100 when connected to the computer, the recordings can be directly downloaded onto the computer or even better one can record directly on the computer itself.

There are two recording options present in the VN3100, high quality and low quality but you might find the difference between the two not being much. There are two play modes available, short and long mode. The long mode would double the recording time that is currently available. The video recordings are stored in .WAV format while the audio recordings are stored in .MP3 format.

One can record several recordings into one file. One can record continuously or even pause and then continue recording. The VN3100 also provides information of the clip such as the date and time along with the length of the clip. The recording time left is also displayed.

One might face a few problems while uploading. The software required for uploading of files onto the computer is a bit time consuming and can be irritating. But this problem is a minor one and looking at all the attractive features the VN3100 provides there should be no reason good enough not buy one of these.

The VN3100 is a small and easily portable video recording device which can be easily carried from one place to another. The price of the VN3100 might be a bit steep but still looking at the quality of the recordings and the various features available does make this one of the best video recording devices available in the market.

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