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For most the traditional film photography was one tedious process. First waiting for the entire roll to be completed, which would sometimes take months and then spending on developing the entire roll, with the probability that the photograph one really wants could have been damaged in the lab or for other reasons. So, for most people it was fingers crossed situation when giving their rolls for development.

This entire problem has been done away with the digital photographs. Firstly, for printing digital photographs, one need not wait to reach the end of the memory card. In fact, as soon as it is clicked the image can be downloaded on a computer, edited and printed on any of the color printers, though a digital printer is preferred. These pictures can be printed at home, or then at a photo-studio.

Many prefer to print their own photographs, however, it is not such a cost effective idea, as printing images on photographic paper consumes a lot of ink and considering the cost of every cartridge, it could be rather expensive. Yes, one odd image here and there can do no harm, otherwise a standard postcard size photograph can be printed for Rs. 8 to Rs. 12 at studio, whereas could cost up to Rs. 50 to Rs. 90 at home, depending on the ink consumption and the paper quality.

One can print digital photographs using the three color, plus black printers. However, for the best of results one should ideally select the six-color, plus black printer. Also the paper one needs is coated photographic paper, which prevent feathering of the print. One needs to also wait patiently while the print process is on, as it is not the same as printing any word document. It takes time for the printer to record the image and then provide the final print.

This entire process is better managed at a photo studio, as they have top-of-the-rank printing machines that work faster. Because they deal in bulk where paper and ink is concerned, the costs incurred is less than that of the at-home-printers and so they can price each print at as low as Rs. 8 (postcard size).

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