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Sitting back on a last Sunday afternoon, wondering what to do… suddenly an idea pops up in your mind and you decide to take a trip down memory lane. You initially look at the pictures in your immediate eye-view and then get down to taking out the old photographs you’ve carefully stored away. Scanning through the photo brings back a flood of memories and emotions, from nostalgia to joy and pride, but tinged with sorrow and regret when you see your valuable old photographs in a pathetic worn out state.

Some of them are dog-eared, while others are torn, cracked or have lost their brightness and color. So, what started out as a pleasurable Sunday afternoon ends up differently after looking at the damaged memories. Well, there is a solution… Photo restoration, which is a process that can make your old yellowed photos look as good as new and even more restore cracked or torn photos to their original form.

What’s more, restoring photographs is a process by which the photograph can even be further enhanced from its original format. With color enhancement, cropping, red eye removal and a host of other digital trickery that can greatly enhance the value of the photograph.

The following are the various aspects that can be achieved by the process of photo restoration:

? The brightness level
? The saturation level
? The color level can be corrected, enhanced, reduced, changed, deleted and even added
? Text can be added to the photograph
? The photograph can be masked
? The photo can be merged with another
? The photo can be overlapped with another
? Torn photos can be reassembled
? Scratches and marks can be erased
? Enlargement and reduction of the original image is possible
? The photo can be printed on canvas, paper or even photographic film
? A subject or object can be added or removed
? Adjustment of contrast and sharpness
? The photo can be given an overall new feel with the use of the various filters

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