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Samsung described Samsung D85 as a high resolution digital camera. Use the Samsung D85 to produce even better images and take detailed photos for printing up to poster size. In addition, the 5x optical and digital zoom makes the Samsung D85 look even better.

Basically the Samsung D85 is an 8.2 mega pixel camera which allows you to take sharp image and detailed photos. The 2.5″ LCD screen is bright and clear for capturing photos and then viewing them. Photo generated is good in terms of displaying on the camera and also when printed out. However with all its good photo taking ability its downside comes with its battery life and shutter delay.

Over the years Samsung has developed cameras with impressive looks and the Samsung D85 is no exception. Its silver grey sleek rounded design is sure make you look at it twice. The top of the camera is comprised of the dial mode, shutter button, power button and speaker. The Samsung D85 boosts an impressive 38/190mm lens. The USB/AV connection terminal and a DC input connection port is present behind a small covered door which can be opened and closed with ease. At the back of the camera lies all the other buttons such as zoom button, E effects button, delete button, Self-timer button, Macro button, play & pause button and the menu/OK button in a very neatly compiled fashion.

The 2.5″ LCD screen provides the photographer with a lot of information which if not preferred can be ignored and still take a good photo. The LCD screen provides information such as the battery meter and number of photos that can be taken. One can compose the images using the LCD monitor but the camera does lack in the view finder department. The memory capacity depends upon the type of shooting condition. The dial mode on the top of the camera controls the different recording modes which are Auto, Program and Manual. If one wants to have full control over things like shutter speed and aperture value then manual mode allows you that freedom. Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) mode helps dealing with shakes while taking images and during dim conditions. The D85 also has a night mode and portrait mode which helps taking pictures during darkness and to take a quick picture respectively. One can also take video if required by going to the video mode and the maximum time of the video would depend upon the amount of memory available. The macro mode allows you to take pictures within 40cm (Wide zoom) or 50cm (Tele zoom) and a 10cm super macro range is something that the D85 can boost over the other cameras of the same price range. The flash off mode is mainly used during low light conditions and the auto focus system might falter to some extent while shooting objects in little contrast, highly reflective or shiny surfaces, high speed subjects, very bright or dark backgrounds. But the place where the D85 falls flat the most is during night photography. The shutter release is slow and nearly impossible to obtain the perfect moment, sometimes the photo produced is not the same that you might have framed.

The video mode and voice recording mode is not outstanding in more than one way. The time of the video mostly depends upon the amount of memory available and audio recording can be done up to10 hours. Still images can have voice added to them up to 10 seconds per image. The image quality as you might have guessed is not great and it also affects the battery life

The Samsung D85 does not come with a memory card and it needs to be bought separately. D85 comes with a 2 AA sized batteries which will surely let you down because it is hard enough to take as minimum as a dozen images with the battery meter nearly over. This is surely the place where D85 completely looses its shine which might still have been saved if it was designed with a rechargeable battery.

If you are looking for good images and sharp features and don’t really care about the battery life then Samsung D85 might just be the one for you.

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