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This surely is one camera which seems to be a winner all the way. A reasonable price 8.1 mega pixel resolution, a 5x optical zoom, 2.5 inch LCD and manual exposure modes are some of its features which makes Samsung S850 a sure hit among the masses. A design which would suit your holding ability with ease, the S850 is a small portable camera which easily be carried around from one place to another.

The S850 lacks optical viewfinder so the 2.5 inch LCD is used to preview the pictures taken. The LCD screen has an impressive resolution, with 230K pixels. The refresh rate of the screen and viewing angle is good to provide a soothing viewing experience. Depending upon the light the screen adjusts by gaining up and down thus allowing the viewing of the LCD screen without many problems.

The camera has a 5 x optical zoom and a 35 mm equivalent focal length of 38-190mm with a max aperture of f2.8 at wide angle and f4.4 at telephoto. Objects as near as 80cm can be pictured though the normal focus mode at wide angle and telephoto while in macro mode at wide angle 10-80 cm is the focus range and 50-80 cm for telephoto. There is also an auto macro mode which has a range of 10cm – infinity and telephoto focus of 50cm – infinity. Auto, auto with red-eye reduction, fill flash (always on), slow sync, and flash off are the variety of flash modes available in the S850. The Samsung S850 supports SD, MMC, and SDHC memory and comes with 20 MB of internal memory. SD and MMC have a capacity of 2 GB and SDHC cards will work up to 4 GB.

JPEG for pictures AVI (MPEG-4) for movies and WAV for audio are the formats in which different files are stored. The S850 comes with a multi connector which allows USB connection and AV out. The camera supports 2 AA batteries and there’s a connector for 3.3V DC input. No optical or mechanical image stabilization but the S850 does have an Advanced Shake Reduction, which is an ISO boosting mode that increases the shutter speed thus intern improving the quality of shots taken in motion. Though the ASR is not the most effective at times but the Wise shot deep in the ASR mode menu does make it look better. Through Wise shot the photographer takes two photos, one with ASR and one with flash thus providing a choice between the two photos taken.

The start-up time for a S850 is 2.1 seconds and the camera takes another 2.1 second between every shot. The time can go as high as 3.2 seconds if the onboard flash is on. The shutter has a faster rate, 1 second for low-conditions and 0.5 for high while the burst mode has the ability to take 1 frame per second.

We can capture movies at 800×592 at 20fps or 15fps; 720×480 at 20fps or 15fps; 640×480 at 30 fps, 20fps or 15 fps; and 320×240 at 30 fps, 20fps or 15fps in a Samsung S850. The length of the movie depends upon the storage space available. The successive recording option allows stopping of camera recoding for sometime and then again start recording in the same file. We can also make use of the optical zoom while recording and to ensure that one does not hear the working of the motor during playback the audio of the movie is muted while the zoom motor is running.

If the photographer wants he or she can adjust the ISO by selecting from ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, or 1600 or else the camera can also be kept in full automatic mode. The image quality is satisfactory but in no way great. Colours seem saturated, and dose not look natural enough. Look a bit in detail and the photo looks a bit hazy. The tendency to under-expose is something this camera can be associated with. Decent results are obtained in Lens distortion – barrel distortion at wide angle and pincushion distortion at telephoto.

So to sum it all up if you are looking for a camera with quality construction, stylish design, user-friendly controls and manual exposure modes then you might want to look at the Samsung S850 but it lacks in the one area which it is truly meant for image quality.

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