Samsung SC-D353

The Samsung SC-D353 camcorder has a streamlined shape for easy carrying, and much of user friendly features. A 680K CCD and 900x Digital/ 20x Optical zoom provide very good picture clarity and equally good recording flexibility. A 2.5" LCD screen and viewfinder let the camera users plan their shots, playback video and edit scenes to their liking. The camera also features Digital Signal Processing technology with DSP6 and Enhanced Image Quality, and upgraded USB streaming capabilities.

Samsung SC-D353

The dimensions of Samsung SC-D353 are very compact in use so a person can carry anywhere he wants in his hand. The height of the camera is 3.6 in and width is 2.52 in. The depth of the camera is 4.63 in. Hence, the camera is a small camera, very compact and handy in use. The weight of the camera allows it to be carried with the minimum of efforts, i.e. it is 14.46 oz/ 0.9 lbs in weight.

Samsung SC-D353

With respect to the features of Samsung SC-D353, the Recording media is a Memory Stick and a Mini DV. This helps to simple handling of the camera and easy access of it. It has a High Video resolution which defines the number of effective pixels that is around 680,000 Pixels. It possesses a CCD sensor type, a sensor is a device that detects a signal and sends out a response. CCD is a Charged Coupled Device is a digital sensor that converts light into digital information. For this camera CCD size is 0.17 in and CCD quantity is 1. It also contains Still Image Capability i.e. it allows still images to be captured. For improving and increasing detail of the picture the Still Image resolution is 0.31 Megapixel. It also contains Image Stabilizing which helps to eliminate blur effect.

Samsung SC-D353

With respect to the lens of the camera is always better if it contains zoom as good as the farther object can also be defined with best color effects. SC-D353 contains and Optical zoom of 20x and it also contains digital zoom of 900x. The focus can be in both ways Manual or Automatic.

LCD and Viewfinder: The LCD screen is 2.36 inches. This helps a person to clearly note the way the picture can come. The viewfinder is the device through which a photographer looks to determine the image to be captured. It contains a Black & White Viewfinder.

Connectivity: The video input is Composite 1 and S-Video is 1 and the video output is Composite 1 and S-Video is also 1. Audio input and output are RCA (Analog Audio L/R) is 1. The additional connections can be using a USB, USB (2.0), and FireWire. The USB is mini-USB Type B. The FireWire is IEEE 1394 i.e. i-Link 4 pin FireWire. The other connector is microphone i.e. mini-phone 3.5 mm.

Additional features: The file format supported by Samsung SC-D353 is MPEG i.e. Moving Picture Expert Group. The video standard type is NTSC i.e. National Television System Committee. The minimum illumination rating is 3 Lux. The power source is Lithium Ion Battery. It is chargeable and has life of 10 years. The color of this camera is silver, very attractive.

The camera is very good for its image zooming and handling quality. Also the feature like the Screen helps it very attractive, costly but best is what the Samsung always gives and that is repeated.

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