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With the digital revolution rapidly changing the world and the photography business in particular, digital applications have opened up a host of new business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the industry. Larger companies that are no less than leaders in the photography and imaging business, who have over the years brought a strong of successful business opportunities to entrepreneurs, continue to bring more to their franchise outlet owners. And they are eve ready to welcome more people into the business of setting up a digital photography studio.

A state of the art digital photography studio comprises and optimally integrates both imaging hardware and software. The studio should have a user-friendly interface and provide and ease of use, for not only the staff, but also the customers. They should understand all the options available in digital imaging, so as to get the best for their pictures.

A studio should so well-equipped that it should provide a gambit of services under one roof. These services should include the following:

• Stamp-sized photographs
• Passport-sized photographs
• Postcard sized photographs
• Poster sized photographs
• Photo lamination
• Photo frames
• Photo restoration
• Photo mixing
• Conversion of photos from black and white to color and vice versa
• Identity cards
• Visiting cards
• Photo greeting cards
• Scanning services
• Copying services
Apart from these, it is essential to provide polite customer service, as well as punctual service, meeting all deadlines.

Most digital camera manufacturing companies give out franchises that provide the outlet with value-added credentials. Some even provide software and hardware at discounted rates, and are upgraded from time to time. In fact, the studio owners are regularly informed about the latest launches in the field and are given the option of purchasing them for their outlet. Usually, such a studio is set up on a profit sharing basis with the parent company

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