Sony Alpha DSLR A700

The highly anticipated Sony Alpha DLSR A700 is the second DLSR model to be released by Sony and the first that has been completely been developed by Sony. Unlike its predecessor the A100 this provides higher resolutions and its features are more powerful hence attracting novice and semi-professional photographers.

The Sony A700 is of 12.2 mega pixels and has the new CMOS sensor. This makes it the highest resolution alpha body, and thus making it more technologically advanced than the existing 10 mega pixel DLSRs. This works with a 1.5x focal length multiplexer. The A700 is made up of a mixture of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate. One aspect of A700 is that its water proof and dust proof because of details such as closure of covers etc. Just below 800 grams and 778 without a lens dose not make it uncomfortable to hold and people can work properly with the camera being held in their hands without much of a problem. The LCD screen of the A700 is large, sharp, and beautiful. The 3 inch high resolution LCD definitely adds to its impressive list of features. Nowadays nearly every digital camera has the feature of TV output and even component option for analogue HD connectivity been given with higher quality models but the A700 goes a step further through a HDMI port for full digital HD output.

Along with the high tech features, the Sony Alpha A700 does provide some traditional features which are mostly found in a semi-pro DLSR to make sure that A700 is appreciated by high end photographers as well. The features you would find in a A700 are PC Sync port for external lighting, 5fps continuous shooting, 11-area AF system, interchangeable focusing screens, buttons offering direct access to key settings, both thumb and finger dials, the choice of uncompressed and compressed RAW files, 6400 ISO sensitivity and an optional battery / portrait grip. One might find the absence of secondary status screen a bit problematic due to the lack of shooting information available but superb 3inch colour monitor does go on to fulfill its absence to a huge extent.

The Sony A700 employs an Alpha range mount and is also compatible with other range of Sony lenses. The A700 has a built in Super Steady Shot stabilizer and uses the physical sized sensor thus reducing the field of view of all lenses by 1.5 times. The three different lens bundle present in A700 are DT 18-70mm (the standard A100 bundle), the DT 16-80mm (a premium general purpose zoom from Carl Zeiss), and the DT 16-105mm (a new general purpose lens introduced with the A700).

The Sony A700 has a new 11-point AF system which is diamond-shaped with two points at fairly wide positions for better tracking of subject off-centre. The A700 has an LED-type AF illuminator along with a quieter and faster new coreless AF motor. The four focusing modes of A700 are single-shot AF-S, direct manual focus DMF, continuous auto focus AF-C, or a hybrid AF-A mode which automatically switches between AF-S and AF-C which can be choosen by the help of a small dial to the lower right of the lens mount with the camera facing you. The Eye Start AF feature present in A700 starts the AF system when its sensors detect the camera approaching your eyes.

A proper penta-prism optical viewfinder system with 95% field of view, 0.9x magnification and a 50mm lens along with 21mm of eye relief at -1 diopter is present in an A700. Looking through the viewfinder one can see 11 AF points arranged in a diamond pattern from which 10 are short vertical or horizontal bars and leaving a small square in the middle.

With the launch of Sony Alpha A700, Sony has taken a big leap in the department of high quality DSLR camera and can now be thought of as a serious competitor for brands like Nikon and Canon who had been ruling the market for all these years.

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