Sony DSC-P93

The Sony DSC-P93 mainly depicts Sony’s hold in digcam market place. It has a 5.1 mega pixel CCD and a 3x optical zoom. Having dimensions of 4.75 x 2.38 x 1.31 inches this elongated looking camera is extremely portable and can be easily carried around in a person’s pocket from one place to another.

The camera has a peculiar and unique shape as any of the other Sony P series cameras thus allowing photographers to grip it with ease. Weighing 8 ounces along with battery and media Sony DSC-P93 has a built in lens cover which automatically slides open and closes when the camera is switched on and off respectively. The camera has preset scene modes along with automatic exposure control and creative Picture Effects menu to provide the best possible pictures.

A 3x, 7.9-23.7mm lens is what Sony DSC-P93 comes equipped with. Normal focus ranges from approximately 19.75 inches to infinity at wide-angle or 23.6 inches to infinity at telephoto. A special feature in Sony DSC-P93 is AF illuminator lamp, present in the front side and helps in getting quality pictures when light conditions are dim. P93 allows 12x of digital zoom and has the Sony’s “Smart zoom” feature. A 1.6 inch colour LCD monitor coupled with real-image optical viewfinder is some of the other attributes present in DSC-P93. Exposure can be changed depending upon the condition around and if not comfortable one can use the default settings as well.

But if you want more controls then the manual exposure mode is also available which allows control on both shutter speed and aperture. Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Candle, Landscape, Beach, and Soft Snap are the screen capture modes which are available along with movie capture and play back mode. The LCD screen displays information of both aperture and shutter speed, thus providing the user with required information. Options such as White Balance, Focus, Metering Mode, Compensation, ISO, Picture Quality, Flash Level, Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast and Picture Effects are also available for the user to make the required adjustments.

In movie capture mode P93 can capture video in 640 x 480 or 160 x 112 pixel resolution. The size of the movie depends upon the memory available and the movie has audio as well. It stores the video in MPEG4 format while using the 640 x 480 resolution. The multi burst mode can capture 16 snaps of low quality depending upon the option choosen. It also has Self-Timer mode which has a time interval of 10 seconds between the button being pressed and the photo being taken thus allowing the photographer to press the button and then run around to the front of the camera for the photograph.

The P93 is equipped with a 32 MB memory stick and can be upgraded up to a maximum of 1GB. It supports Sony Memory Sticks, if one wants to increase the memory. The camera makes use of two AA batteries, and comes with a set of two rechargeable NiMH AAs and a battery charger. P93 takes around 2.6 seconds to start up and be ready to take the first shot. 3.4 – 10 seconds for shutting down while its shutter lag speed is an impressive 0.20 seconds.

The Sony DSC-P93 fells like a lower version of Sony’s DSC-W1 compact rangefinder-style model in more than one way. The seven screen modes to choose from along with the manual mode if greater control is wanted over the picture provides a very similar kind of feeling. This one is for all those novice consumers who want to obtain a nice snap without going into much detail of exposure decisions.

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