Sony DSC S80

Looking for a digital still camera which is compact and easy to use? Look no further than the 4 megapixel cyber shot s80, featuring carl zeiss 3x optical zoom lenses which is ideal for high resolution digital images and prints, and superb stamina power efficiency. This model is just right for taking all the usual pictures at holidays and social gatherings to put in the family album.

The Sony DSC s80 is Sony’s best mid range camera.  It offers a large range of features that will suit both point and shoot photographers and those who prefer more control, although it is not a substitute for a professional camera. Like most cameras it takes good pictures outside, but it also performs poor in light conditions and indoors. The short videos consume memory but are good quality on the highest settings, and the supplied rechargeable batteries last for a very long period. Four megapixels is a good resolution for most users. For print use, pictures can be blown up to 7×5 inches without becoming blocky, and for on-screen use there’s plenty of opportunity for zooming and trimming while still looking good.

There are so many features in the DSC s80 that it’s hard to remember them all! As well as a standard point and shoot mode, there are a number of individual settings suitable for various conditions such as candle-lit, snowy or scenic. There’s also a manual mode. While this doesn’t give all the options of an SLR, you have a choice of several fixed focal lengths (as well as centre and multi point autofocus) two apertures, various white balance modes including automatic, a large range of exposures up to 30 seconds, contrast, saturation, sharpness, spot and multi exposure metering, and four pseudo-ISO settings. There are also burst modes. If all that sounds very complicated don’t worry – these settings are normally done automatically, but there’s the option in various modes to change the automatic settings to get even better results.

The pictures the S80 produces are good, but show some of the limitations of most expensive digital cameras. High contrast areas tend to have a white or blue shadow noticeable when zooming in later, but this is currently normal for all amateur or semi-pro digital cameras. Altering settings can produce excellent results in difficult situations, and even on the standard setting, this camera retains Sony’s traditionally excellent performance in low light situations. Battery life is very good, and the supplied charger is great. The screen is clear and bright. The video mode is remarkably good on its highest quality settings, although you can’t zoom while filming. You can zoom beforehand though.

So in all, the Sony DSC s80 is an excellent package for most of the people’s needs, but you’ll need a Memory Stick Pro and your own software to get the most out of it.

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