Sony DSC T70

The Sony DSC T70 is one camera which you would not mind having. It is sleek, has the looks and is one of the best pocket sized digital cameras around right now. Quality pictures and fast shutter adds to its already impressive set of features.

Having a dimension of 90 x 56.4 x 20.7 and weighing around 128 g the DSC T70 is an 8 mega pixel, pocket-sized digital camera. After being impressed by its beautiful design the next thing you would notice about this camera is that it has touch screen feature. Get freedom from the use of buttons and dials this follows a series of on screen commands. Add the increasingly popular face detection technology to it and that be an overview of features boosted by the Sony DSC T70.

It has a 3inch wide touch panel LCD and an internal 3x Carl Zeiss optical zoom lens. One can choose from the wide range of colours the Sony DSC T70 is available which includes silver, black, white and pink. The Sony DSC T70 allows you to work and have fun with it at the same time. T70 uses its monitor for performing all its work beyond the power, zoom and shutter release. It also provides some fun options like tapping the area where you want the camera to be focused.

If you thought this was good you have seen nothing yet. The T70 also has a special mode called the smile shutter function where it can detect when a person is smiling and take a picture even without the use of shutter button. It also has a built-in red eye retouch which enables you to remove red eye from photos which have already been taken.

The image quality provided by T70 is above average to say the least. The loss of detail that might occur when taken in the sun are well handled and the sharpness level of the pictures are much better than most of the other cameras of this category. Whether zoomed or not it produces good quality pictures though the sharpness might be affected when zoomed to its limit. In low light the T70 works without many problems. The images produced are good though flash is required without it the photos look a bit dark.

The colours produced are lively and soothing to the eyes. Macro shots taken are above average and the photos come out reasonably sharp. ISO 400 picture quality is good and helps you when the light conditions are low. The photo is not completely noise free but my best pick would be ISO 800. The image quality decreases drastically as we go from ISO 1600 to ISO 3200. In all the T70 has good picture quality as comparison to its competitors but things can always be improved.

Sony’s Super Steady Shot optical image stabilization helps in stabilizing the images and counters any camera shakes that might have taken place while taking the picture. The T70 also has Sony’s Clear RAW noise reduction technology which reduces the noise caused during high ISO low light exposures. Once the photo has been taken the Sony T70 has a high definition out feature thus allowing you to view them on your HD equipment rather than your computer. This allows you to view the photos with utmost clarity and detailing.

The T70 is one of the fastest digital cameras around and takes around 0.18 seconds for one photo and 6.05 seconds for five without flash. With flash it does increase to around 0.40 seconds for one photo and 13.87 for five. Lithium ion (NP-BD1) is what the T70 uses and Sony claims one can take up to 270 shots without re-charging. The camera has a built-in memory of 31 MB and is compatible with Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo High Speed and Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo.

The Sony DSC T70 is a camera which would attract people looking for small easily portable cameras having good picture quality and good looks to go with it. So if you are one of them this might just be the perfect camera that you have been looking for.

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