Sony DSC W90

The 8 mega pixel W90 is low cost pocket sized camera which is meant for those users who rate the pictures based on the memories that are attached to them and not the sharpness and colour composition of the images.

The W90 has a very stylish feel to it and would blend into anyone’s style. It has dimensions of 91 x 58 x 22.9 mm and weighs as low as 124 g without batteries. The rectangular shape coupled with its compact features make the W90 an extremely portable device. The camera has a 3x optical zoom and 2.5 inch 115K Pixel TFT LCD Screen. Along with the 2.5 inch LCD monitor it also has a traditional eye view finder. The camera also includes a live histogram display which can be used while capturing and playback. It also boosts a new face detection technology and a noise reduction technology which starts working automatically while capturing image having long exposures.

Sony DSC W90

Looking at the image quality of the W90, it can best described as average. While taking pictures the camera lacks sharpness and the clarity of the photographs produced are not up to the mark. These limitations are especially noticed while taking pictures outdoors. When looking at the colours produced they are vibrant and have natural feel to them. The colour balance is maintained well. When the 3x optical zoom is used the camera performs well with the subjects captured properly but it does affect the colour balance to some extent. The camera as is true for most cameras developed by Sony performs best when used in low lighting conditions. The images obtained are well focused and sharpness is maintained. Marco shots taken from the W90 are creditable but not brilliant. The ISO sensitivities have a large range with the maximum ISO setting going as high as ISO 3200. Images taken in high ISO has the issue of noise interference playing a major role. When images are taken in lower ISO settings they come out much better. Overall the camera performs as one would expect it to perform considering the price range, nothing special but nothing bad aswell.

Sony DSC W90The camera has the ability to take 1 shot in 0.17 seconds and 5 consecutive shots in 5.45 seconds. With the use of flash this increases to 0.30 for 1 and 13.75 for 5 but still it remains extremely fast. The camera has shutter speeds between 1/4 – 1/1600 seconds in Auto, 1 – 1/1600 seconds in Program Auto and 1 – 1/2000 seconds in Program. The aperture range is F2.8 – F8 (Wide) and F5.2 – F14.8 (Tele). The camera has a built in flash and the various flash modes present in the camera are Auto, Fill, Red Eye Reduction and Slow Synch. The different white balance options in the W90 are Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent and Flash. To makes the pictures livelier one can make use of the different colour modes such as Vivid, Natural, Sepia and Black & White. The ISO settings range from ISO 100 – ISO 3200. The different Scene modes in the camera are Beach, High Sensitivity, Landscape, Snow, Soft Snap, Twilight and Twilight Portrait.

Sony DSC W90The image sizes available in the W90 are 3264×2448, 3264×2176, 2592×1944, 2048×1536, 1920x1080and 640×480. Images are stored in JPEG format and movies are captured in MPEG format. During purchase the W90 already is equipped with 31MB of internal memory and for increasing it one can make use of Memory Stick Duo or Memory Stick Duo PRO Media. The photographer can also make use of the inbuilt self timer which can delay the picture to be taken by 10 seconds maximum. It has a Video Out option aswell as a USB 2.0 high speed terminal. Movies are captured in two formats, 640×480 VX Fine w/audio @ 30 fps which requires the presence of memory stick duo pro and 640×480 VX @ 16fps. For power the camera use Lithium-Ion NP-BG1 3.6V battery.

Sony DSC W90

The W90 is an easy to use pocket sized camera and has a very cool look to it. Everything about this camera let it be looks or features or simple approach is appealing. The only place where W90 can be made an even better camera is by improving the image quality which seems to lack sharpness and focus in more than one instance.

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