The 56AM TTL Flash helps photographers capture proper images even during low lighting conditions. This external flash is compatible with Sony Alpha 100 and is used by the camera when the proper lighting environment is not available. Using this picture comes out more vibrant even when taken in dark conditions.

The F56AM has an impressive flash coverage which makes it a desirable accessory that the photographer would want to use. To ensure the lighting required for a particular picture is perfect the flash has features such as selectable light levels and high-speed synchronization. By making the required adjustments we can produce just the right amount of lighting conditions and use them to produce stunning and beautiful photographs.

For flash solution purposes the F56AM allows the photographer to control various options such as the specific light required and count of the flash emissions. Because of the ability to work with high speed shutters the flash can be used in variety of situations.

The flash has auto zoom feature which can be used by the photographer. Auto locking foot is another impressive feature which helps the photographer while capturing of pictures. The ability of high speed synchronizations makes the F56AM a desirable accessory of the A100. As already mentioned the flash provides various options for choosing proper light levels and wireless flash.

The flash can bounce or move in every single direction making it very agile to use. Along with this free flowing movement this also models multiple flash emissions. Specific light control can be choosen in the F56AM.

Looking at the in-depth specifications of F56AM, it has a built in wide panel which has the ability to cover angles of field up to maximum distance of 17mm. The flash also consists of a high accuracy ADI which combines with D lens. In order to sync fast shutter speeds the flash has a high speed synchronization feature. This helps the flash to handle the various high speed stutters present in different cameras.

It has a guide number 56 @ 85mm position and ISO100. The 17mm wide panel present in the F56AM has a zoom ranging between 24mm to 85mm. For powering purposes the flash makes use of 4AA batteries. The camera can bounce in all four directions which include, up and down, left and right.

The F56AM has dimensions of 3 1/8 x 5 1/4 x 4 inches or W 77.5 x H 131 x D 99.5mm and weighs approximately 13.1oz or 370g. It is a PC material and comes in black colour. The operating temperature of the F56AM is +0 to +40 degrees C or +32 to +104 degrees F and the storage temperature vary between -20 to +60 degrees C or -4 to +140 degrees F.

The regular flash type F56AM is produced by Sony and as expected is truly successful in its mission of recreating a particular scene which may vary from a clear day on the beach to a cloudy dawn on top of a mountain that a photographer might desire with proper lighting conditions.

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