Storing Digital Photographs

One of the primary advantages of using digital cameras is that one does not need large storage space to keep all the photos. In fact, the pictures clicked need not be printed, unless necessary. However, instead of albums and photo frames, one requires the various devices that are available for storing digital photographs.

But before going any further, one piece of advice is that one should always maintain a backup device for the pictures being stored. This is because as much as technological advancements are boon, there is one curse that prevails – the sudden crashing of electronic devices and gadgets.

Given are two primary classifications of devices that are generally used to store the digital photographs:

• Portable Storage Devices (PSDs): These are small hard drives, which are designed so as to copy the digital images from the cameras. This is the RAW data, which is clicked and stored without any photo editing being done. This is different from the portable media players that store music and movies. These hard drive devices are used by almost all digital photographers so that they can download their digital media cards onto their computers. These drives come in varying sizes, the common amongst them being:
o 20GB
o 40GB
o 80GB
Apart from these there are the newer hard disks available, which have and expandable capacity. There are also the 2.5 inch laptop hard drives that permit an unlimited storage capacity, which is helpful for both the video and professional photographers. The portable storage devices are convenient when traveling for a long period of time. The images can be stored in these devices in case of non-availability of a computer.
• Mass Storage Device Class (MSDC): This is one amongst the varied subclasses of USB computer peripheral connection protocol. This class permits a connection between the computer the digital camera. It shows the digital camera, as a removable disk drive, when it is connected to the computer.

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