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Every expert looks out for ways in which he/she can better themselves in the field. And so, any new literature in the area of tips and guiding notes are always welcome. So is also the case with digital photography. Even the maestros who dish out expert advice look out for new age tips from the novice photographers, who may have just discovered something new.

Given here are some tips fro digital photography provided by some experts in the field:

• Advisably one should purchase a camera that has been around for at least 6 months to a year, and has been reviewed by a number of people. There are two advantages for this:
o The price will be lower than what it was when introduced in the market
o One will know the faults and advantages of the camera, before investing

• One should thoroughly go through all the literature regarding the comparison of best digital cameras to ensure that one is getting worth one’s money and not being misled.
• It is important for one to first be aware of why they want to purchase a digital camera. Is it generally for personal use? Then one need buy digital cameras that belong to the high-end of the product range chart. The cheaper consumer selection would serve the purpose well enough. However, if one is looking towards seriously pursuing a hobby or career then it should be one amongst the top digital cameras.
Here are some creative tips for the digital photographers:
• Be aware of the shutter delay and accordingly when taking a picture of a person or group of people prepare them for a shot by giving the proper count in keeping with the shutter delay speed.
• For outdoor shots there are two golden hours per day when one can get the ideal shots. These are:
o One hour post sunrise
o One hour prior to sunset
• When clicking a photograph crop all that is not required, this will save the pixels wasted in unnecessary backgrounds and edges, there by providing better pictures of the subject/object
• When taking photographs, hold the camera close to the body, rather than at arms’ length, as this will provide steadiness in clicking pictures. The elbows should be tucked comfortably into the sides of the stomach, and while clicking one shold breathe out.
• Experiment with various photographing angles to produce some creative images
• For black and white prints, use the image editing software instead of the black and white mode on the camera.
• In case the digital image lacks in color saturation then increase the contrast in the software, rather than using the saturation control.
In case of accidents with the camera:

• In case the digital camera has fallen into water then simply remove the batteries and memory card before doing anything else
• Then go onto drying the camera with a towel and leave it in a warm corner.
• When the camera, batteries and memory card is all dry then fit in the battery and the card. Remember to download the images onto the computer before fitting back the memory card into the camera.

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